Mecklenburg County Board of Election

Look-up for: Districts and Sample Ballot

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Only enter in the house number and street name. For example, if the address you wanted to search for is "102 N. Main Street", you would put "102" in the HOUSE NO. field and "Main" in the STREET NAME field.

Examples (remember less is better):

Your address is:
102 N Main Street
741 Kenilworth Ave
You enter:
102 Main
741 Kenilworth

If you are having problems, just type in part of the street name (such as Keni for Kenilworth) and the web page will display your options that you can click on and then click the GO button.

When your address is successfully found you will see the address with the zip code displayed, click on this address to view your sample ballot.




Example: 741 Kenilworth Ave